Template Designs

When you hire JukeBooth you will get a custom designed template, focused on YOUR event.

 We create one of a kind masterpieces for each client where 1-3 hours goes into creating your template. Just look at all of our templates that we created below and look at the detail.

Describe YOUR vision of what you want in the template form below 

and we will create it until you say

 "YES" to the Dress" I mean "YES" to the Template!

 If you see a template that you love which is already made. Then  just let us know in the comment section and we will make it custom to your event.  

Your Custom Template Form

Our One Of Kind Creations require some information that Only You Can Answer. Help us out by answering our questions below and anything that you want to add Feel Free to list Below in The Comment Section. If You would like to add any photos or logos. email then to funpix@1888jukebooth.com

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Thanks For All Your Answers and Comments