How To Book JukeBooth

Start filling out the Contact Information Form and please make sure you fill out everything completely and list any details and the packages you are interested in. You will then receive an email reply or an actual phone call with in 24 hours. 

(If you do not receive a call back or email reply back with in 24 hours. Then PLEASE reach out to us by phone and mention you sent the form, but know body got back to you) - This will be very unlikely!!!

When you do get a call or email, it will be from the Owner of JukeBooth  (Jeff Dixon).  He will go over of all the services that JukeBooth offers and discuss the prices.

Once a price is agreed upon, then Jeff will draft up a contract and send it to your email. Once you get it, PLEASE review the contract completely. Make sure all of the yellow highlighted information is correct. 

Once you have reviewed everything you will be asked to initial and sign the contract electronically by DocuSign.  Then once your done it will be delivered to JukeBooth and the next step will be executed.

(You can print out a copy for yourself or download it on your computer. (No paper used saving our beautiful trees)

The next step is to pay a reservation fee which is to hold and confirm your event date, so it belongs to you. An invoice from will be sent to your email asking for a 1/4 or 1/2 down as the Reservation Fee of the entire agreed price of event with the addition of a 6.63% NJ sales tax fee. 

Once paid you will get an email from with your receipt right away for your records. Once payment is received by JukeBooth we will need to register your event with Gigmasters

You will receive an email from Gigmasters asking you to confirm your event. You will get emails from Gigmasters when your event date is getting close. Giving you some tips to prepare for your upcoming event. Very helpful information for you the customer and Jukebooth the entertainment. 

After the contract is signed, reservation paid and your event is confirmed. Its now time to join the JukeBooth Family. We ask for you to "friend" us on the Jeff Dixon JukeBooth Owner Facebook page.

Here you will see all things happening with JukeBooth and maybe some new upgrades or new props coming soon. You will then get an invite to the Official JukeBooth Facebook page where you can see all the New Jukebooth Customers and upcoming events. 

One week before your event you will get a final invoice sent to your email from www.square,com asking for the remaining balance. You will have from the date you get the invoice to the end of event to settle the balance.

We prefer to have the balance paid before the event, but incase you intend to leave gratuity for a AWESOME PERFORMANCE by the JukeBooth staff. It would definitely be greatly appreciated and split evenly unless other wise noted by yourself. 

After the Event is officially over you will get a final email from Gigmasters asking for your testimonial of our services performed. Testimonials are needed as you know to help make the next possible customer feel like we are a company that that can believe will do an AWESOME job. Your valuable time to leave a detailed testimonial is GREATLY appreciated.