DJ Services & Ask The DJ


When you hire JukeBooth to use our disc jockey services (DJ Services). You are getting an experienced, highly motivated DJ/MC, with all the knowledge of how to run and make your party upbeat and exciting by making announcements, introductions, playing all the popular hits, playing all the best line dances and the proper usage of our party lights, to get your party moving, motivated and just having fun on the dance floor. 


Prior to your event the DJ will discuss with you of the type of music you would like played, any special songs, announcements and introductions you would like to have for your event.

 The DJ at your event will take requests and dedications from your guests and play music that is acceptable for everyone to hear. If there is a song not in our library, we can easily use the internet to find the song you want and play it right away.

 As the DJ wants to make everyone happy, sometimes some songs are inappropriate and discretion is used. JukeBooth takes pride in only playing the best songs and wants you and your guests having the time of their life, dancing, smiling and laughing as they are celebrating your special occasion.

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JukeBooth believes in only using the best audio sounding and DJ equipment. All of our music is MP3 Digital Format giving you crisp, clear music which is enhanced when playing using our DLM Series Mackie speakers ,that give you professional results in a small compact package. 

The DJ will be playing all the music using Virtual DJ Software and Denon MP3 controller technology by using a laptop which is the future of how Disc Jockeys are now performing.

 All announcements by DJ with be through wireless Shure microphones that can be used any where in the room, giving a crisp, clear voice where every word can be easily understood. 

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ASK THE DJ -(Make A DJ Request From Your Seat)

No more getting up out of your seat to make a request! Just log on to your phone and type and select Jukebooth. Now you can request songs from your seat through the Virtual DJ site and send request or announcements you want the DJ to make. All messages will pop up on the DJ laptop and DJ will reply back to you with a message to confirm that its on the list.. You can even send a small TIP to the DJ as well though PayPal which is always appreciated.

You are always welcome to talk with the DJ for a request in person and not required to request through your phone.

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